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Upcoming events

    • 07/04/2020
    • 7:30 AM (EDT)
    • V5 Cycles

    Will be doing the V5 to Flagtown loop twice for 56 miles.  Average speed 16 MPH

    One, quick, stop planned at mile 28 (V5 parking lot)

    Helmets mandatory

    Front/rear flashes recommended

    Discussion Board for Club Rides

    Ride Start: V5 Cycles: https://g.page/V5Cycles?share

    Ride Route:


    Ride Leader: Rich LeGrand


    • 07/04/2020
    • 9:00 AM (EDT)
    • Start at V5
    • This is a ride with some gentle hills. We will be following social distancing rules. Please bring a mask for any close contact

    • A link to the WJW discussion board for rider comments or questions 

    The following is the link to the Discussion Board.

    Discussion Board for Club Rides

    • A Google Map link to the start location of the ride.

    Ride Start: V5 Bicycle at Walmart Plaza



    V5 to Flagtown

    Ride leader:  Hubert King

    Email:  hek360@gmail.com

    Mobile: 908-268-1090

    • 07/08/2020
    • 9:00 AM (EDT)
    • Summer Road Park

    A great ā€œCā€ ride of about 30 miles starting at Summer Road Park

    All club rules apply.

    No drops.

    Ride Leader:  Robert Becker  385-227-2096 or rwb.076@gmail.com

    Route will be determined at start of the ride based on participant interest.

    • 07/11/2020
    • 9:00 AM (EDT)
    • V5 Bike Shop Flemington

    Average speed 13 mph, no drops.  No Planned food stop. Club rules.

    Ride Leader:  Robert Becker

    Contact:  385-227-2096


    Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30576776

    • 07/12/2020
    • 9:00 AM (EDT)
    • Kingwood Township School
    • Time Trial #2

    Ride description:

    The next time trial will be held on Sunday July 12 to avoid the July 4 holiday. It was felt that having a 5-minute interval between riders was a bit of overkill, so the interval between riders will be reduced to 2 minutes.

    The Time Trial course is approx. 4.5 miles long.  The route starts at Kingwood Township school on Rt 519.  After leaving the parking lot, turn right on Rt 519.  Make the first right onto Union Rd.  Take Union Rd all the way to Barbertown Point Breeze Rd, make a right.  Then make the first right onto Thatcher Rd.  Follow that all the way to Rt 519. Make a right and then a quick right into the school to end the time trial.  RideWithGPS route is below.

    Here are the rules:

    • Participants need to register with Dan Rappoport by sending an email to bikefar@hotmail.com.  This event is only open to club members.

    • Participants will be assigned a start time by Dan R.  Be sure to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your start time.

    • To encourage distancing, riders will start at 2 minute intervals.

    • Bring face mask or face covering to wear when around other riders at the beginning and end of the ride and keep social distance around others.

    • When parking, leave at least 1 space between cars.

    • If you come up to another rider, pass them immediately.  No drafting. If you are passed, let the passing rider go.  Don't try to latch onto them.

    • A timer may be available, but participants should keep their own time, and should report their times to Dan Rappoport at completion if no timer is present. 

    • It should be stressed that participants are NOT competing against other riders.  The goal is that each rider is competing against themselves, with the aim of seeing improvement in their time as the season progresses.

    Helmets Mandatory
    Front/rear flashers recommended

    • Contact Ride Leader:  Dan Rappoport

    email: bikefar@hotmail.com

    phone:   609-924-9417 

    • Ride Route:


    • 10/18/2020
    • (EDT)

    For more information:  http://farmlandride.org/index.html

    UPDATE:  The organizers have moved the date of this event to October 18.

    NOTE:  This is a non-club ride, and is posted here for information only.  Registration on the club website has been disabled.

Past events

07/01/2020 C30T3 Wandering Wednesday
06/28/2020 C+ 28 T2 - Kingwood 28
06/27/2020 C26T3 Sourland Shoulder
06/27/2020 B50T3 Sourland to Lambertville
06/24/2020 C28 T2 Sourland Mountain Ride
06/20/2020 Flateau Ride
06/17/2020 Wandering Wednesday
06/14/2020 B32T3 Two Airport loop
06/13/2020 B32T3 RVR to Lake Solitude
06/13/2020 C26T3 Around Round Valley
06/13/2020 Ride 4 Autism Charity event
06/07/2020 Time Trial #1
05/17/2020 Delaware Gran Fondo event
05/16/2020 Tewksbury Bike Tour charity event
05/02/2020 Central Jersey Bicycle Club Farmlands Flat Bicycle Tour Charity event
04/26/2020 Tour de Franklin Charity event
03/21/2020 Hunterdon 100
03/14/2020 B21T3 Bundt Park road rise
03/08/2020 C 10 T3 Patriots Path Rails/MTB trail
03/01/2020 C 15 T2 Somerset Gravel Ride Route 2
02/23/2020 C 16 T2 Somerset Gravel Ride Route 3
02/16/2020 C 15 T2 Somerset Gravel Ride
01/12/2020 Western Jersey Wheelmen Holiday Party
01/11/2020 C30 T2
01/01/2020 C14 T1 New Years Day Ride
12/21/2019 C22 T1 High Bridge Columbia Trail - The Shortest Day (or Longest Night) Ride
11/26/2019 C32 T2 Summer Road Loop Thru Whitehouse
11/10/2019 D26 T1 Best Little Pancake Breakfast Ride
11/06/2019 Leafing Wednesday, C-40miles 9:30am to 1:30pm Start Whittemore Park
11/02/2019 C22 T1 Columbia Trail Ride
10/30/2019 Leafing Wednesday, C-41miles, 9:30am to 1:30pm, Start- Hampton Boro Park
10/26/2019 C15 T1 Lambertville to Bulls Island Halloween Ride
10/25/2019 NOTE LATER TIME!! Friday to Frenchtown - C Ride (31 or 24 miles, T1)
10/23/2019 Leafing Wednesday, C-40 miles, 9:30am to 1:30pm Start P-Lot Pequest Fish Hatchery 605 Pequest Rd Oxford NJ
10/21/2019 C28 T2 V5 to Flagtown - RESCHEDULED
10/20/2019 C28 T2 V5 to Flagtown - CANCELLED
10/19/2019 C+ 35 T3 Natirar - Tewksbury
10/18/2019 NOTE LATER TIME!! Friday to Frenchtown - C Ride (31 or 24 miles, T1)
10/17/2019 CANCELLED C 33 T 3 Lambertville to Strimples Mill
10/15/2019 Leaf Touring Tuesday C-40 miles, 9:30am to 1:30 pm P-Lot Pequest Fish Hachery
10/12/2019 C23 T3 Old York Winery Ride
10/12/2019 Old York Cellars Winery Ride
10/06/2019 C35 Ride-A-Palooza 'C' Ride
10/06/2019 New Rider Roundup/Ride-a-Palooza
10/06/2019 B 47 T3 Ride-a-Palooza
10/06/2019 B100 T4 Ride-A-Palooza Hunterdon Hundred
10/06/2019 Ride-a-Palooza
10/05/2019 Ride Strong Roubaix
10/04/2019 NOTE LATER TIME!! Friday to Frenchtown - C Ride (31 or 24 miles, T1)
09/29/2019 B33 T2 Sunday Ride
09/28/2019 C30 T1 Summer Road Park and Around
09/27/2019 Friday to Frenchtown - C Ride (31 or 24 miles, T1)
09/26/2019 C 35 T 3 Prallsville Mill to Carversville
09/22/2019 C 25, T 3 - Lone Eagle (Flemington)
09/22/2019 B34 T2 Sunday Ride from Lone Eagle
09/22/2019 Lone Eagle
09/20/2019 Friday to Frenchtown - C Ride (31 or 24 miles, T1)
09/20/2019 Frenchtown ride Extended
09/17/2019 C32 T3 Ringoes-Sourlands--Birthday Ride
09/15/2019 (Avery's Hope) Caring for Rare - Road Rides
09/14/2019 (Avery's Hope) Caring for Rare - Towpath Ride
09/13/2019 Friday to Frenchtown - C Ride (31 or 24 miles, T1)
09/08/2019 Ride to Lumberville
09/07/2019 Sourland Spectacular
09/05/2019 C36 T3 Lambertville to Byram Kingwood
09/01/2019 B100 T3 Labor Day Weekend Century
09/01/2019 C100 T2 Labor Day Weekend Century
08/31/2019 C34 T3 Summer Road to Round Valley
08/30/2019 Friday to Frenchtown - C Ride (31 or 24 miles, T1)
08/29/2019 C 38 T 3 Lambertville to Pennington
08/28/2019 Neshanic Station to Boro Bean
08/25/2019 B 48 T3 Princeton Ride
08/25/2019 New Rider Roundup
08/24/2019 C26 T3 Barley Sheaf School
08/23/2019 CANCELLED Friday to Frenchtown - C Ride (31 or 24 miles, T1)
08/23/2019 Friday to Frenchtown - C Ride (31 or 24 miles, T1)
08/22/2019 C 41 T3 Lambertville to Hopewell
08/20/2019 Ringoes HOT DOG RIDE
08/18/2019 C40 T3 Lone Eagle to Carversville, PA
08/17/2019 B45 - T4 - V5 to Milford with some hills
08/16/2019 Friday to Frenchtown - C Ride (31 or 24 miles, T1)
08/15/2019 C 39 T 3 Lambertville to Sky Manor
08/11/2019 Ride to Lumberville
08/10/2019 (copy) C30 T3 Pickell Park to Potterstown
08/10/2019 Delaware Township Delight, Slow B
08/09/2019 C25 T3 Bike Ride & Tubing on South Branch River
08/09/2019 Friday to Frenchtown - C Ride (31 or 24 miles, T1)
08/07/2019 POSTPONED To FRIDAY DUE To WEATHER C25 T3 Bike Ride & Tubing on South Branch River
08/04/2019 (copy) New Rider Roundup
08/04/2019 Jersey Double Sunday PART ONE
08/04/2019 Jersey Double Sunday PART TWO
08/03/2019 C33 T2 Summer Road to North of Whitehouse
08/03/2019 (copy) Jersey Double Saturday PART ONE
08/03/2019 (copy) (copy) Jersey Double Saturday PART Two
08/02/2019 Friday to Frenchtown
08/02/2019 Jersey Double-Triple Play---200 Miles-3 Days
08/02/2019 Jersey Double Friday PART ONE
08/02/2019 Jersey Double Friday PART TWO
07/31/2019 C26 T3 Fabulous Breakfast Ride
07/28/2019 B 49 T2 Bucks Plateau, Lake Galena, & D'town
07/28/2019 C32 T3 Ringoes to Carversville
07/27/2019 C32 T2 Summer Road to Duke Farms
07/26/2019 Friday to Frenchtown - C Ride (31 or 24 miles, T1)
07/26/2019 B51 T3 Ringoes to Frenchtown
07/24/2019 Wednesday Viaducts C-40-45 miles, 9am to 1pm. Pequest Trout Hatchery 605 Pequest Rd, Oxford
07/21/2019 CANCELED C27 T3 Lone Eagle Brewery
07/21/2019 CANCELED D21 T2 Lone Eagle Brewery
07/21/2019 B36 T3 Lone Eagle Brewery
07/21/2019 July Lone Eagle Rides - RIDE LEADERS NEEDED
07/20/2019 C30 T2 V5 to Ringoes
07/19/2019 C51 T3 Ringoes to Frenchtown
07/17/2019 Wednesday Wandering C-under 45miles. 9am to 1pm. Hampton Boro Park
07/16/2019 Thunder Full Moon Ride
07/16/2019 Thunder Full Moon Ride
07/16/2019 Thunder Full Moon Ride
07/14/2019 Flateau Rides C18 T2
07/14/2019 C30 T2 Flateau Ride
07/14/2019 C53 T2 Flateau 53 miles
07/14/2019 B-60 T2 Flateau Century 60 miles
07/14/2019 B100 T2 Flateau Century
07/14/2019 Flateau Century 18-100 miles
07/12/2019 Friday to Frenchtown - C Ride (24 or 31 miles, T1)
07/10/2019 (copy) Friday to Frenchtown - C Ride (24 or 31 miles, T1)
07/10/2019 Wednesday Wandering C-under 45 miles 9am to 1pm at Whittemore Park
07/07/2019 Ride to Lumberville- checking weather that AM. Will email registrants
07/06/2019 C32 T2
07/05/2019 Friday to Frenchtown - C Ride (24 or 31 miles, T1)
07/04/2019 C 33 T 3 Lambertville to Cider Mill rd
07/03/2019 Wednesday Wandering C-42miles. 9am to 1pm. Pequest Fish Hatchery P-Lot
06/30/2019 New Rider Roundup
06/30/2019 C 30 T3 DelVal H.S. through Franklin Twp.
06/29/2019 C 42 T1 Henry Hudson / Sandy Hook / Carton Trail Ride
06/28/2019 Friday to Frenchtown - C Ride (24 or 31 miles, T1)
06/26/2019 Wednesday Wanderings C-45 9am to 1pm Start-Whittemore Park Oldwick
06/23/2019 C+ 40 T3 DelVal High School to Carpentersville
06/22/2019 C20 T1 High Bridge Columbia Trail - The Longest Day (or Shortest Night) Ride
06/21/2019 CANCELLED Friday to Frenchtown - C Ride (24 or 31 miles, T1)
06/20/2019 C23 T2 Pickell Park to Tewksbury
06/17/2019 Strawberry Full Moon Ride
06/16/2019 D20 T2 Lone Eagle to Sergeantsville
06/16/2019 B30 Lone Eagle to Stockton
06/16/2019 C26 T2 Lone Eagle Ride - ROUTE CORRECTED
06/14/2019 Friday to Frenchtown - C Ride (24 or 31 miles, T1)
06/12/2019 Wednesday Wanderings 9am at Pequest Fish Hatchery P-lot. Scenic C-40 mile in Warren County.
06/09/2019 Ride to Lumberville
06/09/2019 V5 Birthday/Gravel & Road Rides
06/07/2019 Friday to Frenchtown - C Ride (24 or 31 miles, T1)
06/05/2019 C35 T2 Summer Road to Round Valley
06/05/2019 (copy) Friday to Frenchtown - C Ride (24 or 31 miles, T1)
06/02/2019 B77 - T3 -2 Loops around Kingwood
06/01/2019 C31 T2 Covered Bridge Ride from V5
05/30/2019 C30 T2 Hello Ringoes From Summer Road Park
05/25/2019 C30 T2 Memorial Day Saturday Ride
05/25/2019 B35 T3 Memorial Day Saturday Ride
05/24/2019 Friday to Frenchtown - C Ride (24 or 31 miles, T1)
05/22/2019 C-40 Wednesday Wanderings 9;30 am Hampton Boro Park
05/19/2019 B T4 50 miles to Califon
05/18/2019 Full Moon Ride on Towpath from CVS to Wash Crossing State Park R/T
05/18/2019 C28 T2 V5 to Flagtown
05/11/2019 C28 T2 V5 to Whitehouse
05/08/2019 C-40 Wednesday Wandering to the Big Fill. 9:30AM at the Pequest Fish Hatchery P-Lot.
05/07/2019 C20 to 30 Rolling Hills
05/05/2019 (copy) New Rider Roundup
04/29/2019 C - 38 9:30am At Whittemore park. lets Explore The Mighty North Branch. We will ride though Mtn Ville, Hackelbarney, Lake Ravine, and Farhills. One climb of 240ft up Guinea Hollow with rolling hills the rest of the way.
04/28/2019 B50 or 25 - T2 - 2 loops around the Plateau
04/27/2019 B37 T4 - Up for four hills
04/23/2019 C-40 East Passage Touring Tuesday on rural scenic low traffic roads thru Rockport, Hackettstown, Drakestown, Flocktown, Woodglen and Changewater. Hope to avg 12.5 mph. One 240ft climb in segments, rolling hills and two short hikes.
04/21/2019 C50 T2 - 2 loops around the Plateau
04/20/2019 Cancelled - B30 T3 - From DelVal to the River
04/17/2019 C -36 Wednesday Wandering to West Portal, Rieglesville, Mtn Creek,Stewardsville, Asbury and back to Hampton. There are 2 good climbs on the ride. Hope to avg 12 mph. There will be rest stops to explore RR and other history.
04/14/2019 Upper Black Eddy Pancake Breakfast Ride
04/13/2019 Kingwood 35 miles C pace
04/10/2019 C - 35 miles 12.5 avg mph Wednesday Wanderings
04/07/2019 New Rider Roundup
04/06/2019 V5 to 2 Airports
04/03/2019 NNW Passage
03/30/2019 C36 T3 V5 to Plateau
03/30/2019 Ride to Boro Bean in Hopewell
03/29/2019 Springing Ahead to Hackelbarney
03/24/2019 C28 T2 V5 to Flagtown
03/17/2019 Spring is coming.
03/11/2019 March Trustee Meeting
03/10/2019 C9 T2 V5 Test Ride
03/09/2019 How to post a ride on the new website - RESCHEDULED!!!
03/02/2019 How to post a ride on the new website - POSTPONED!!!
01/17/2019 B27 T3 Lone Eagle to Stockton- Test Event
01/13/2019 WJW Annual Dinner
01/10/2019 C34 T2 V5 to Plateau - Test Event

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