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Upcoming events

    • 12/31/2019
    • 10:00 AM
    • V5 Cycles
    • C34 T2 V5 to Plateau

    Click Green 'Edit' button in upper left. 

    On the left part of the screen, change 'Visible To' to public.  Click on 'Admin only' and change to 'Public'.

    Under 'Basic information', enter the Ride Title.  The Ride Title should start with the ride category (A, B, C, D) followed by distance, the terrain category and then a short name for the ride.  The sample here is for a 34-mile C ride with rolling hills.  For a description of ride categories go to:  Ride Categories

    Next, in the 'Tags' box, delete the 'eventsetuponly' tag, and click on the appropriate tag for the ride (a_ride, b_ride, etc.).  (This will apply the appropriate color coding on the Ride Calendar.)

    Enter the starting location (in this example, V5 Cycles)

    Enter the Start Date and Time.  In almost all cases leave End Date and Time blank.

    Everything else on the left side of the screen can be left as is.

    Change the Ride Title (in blue) in this box above to the title of the ride you entered previously.

    Ride description:
    Enter a description of the ride, including points of interest, planned rest stops, etc (Replace this text with the ride description.)

    Helmets Mandatory
    Front/rear flashers recommended

    • Ride Start: V5 Cycles 
      Enter the starting location (in this example, V5 Cycles)

    • Contact Ride Leader: 

    Replace contact information below with your personal contact info.  If you don't want to include contact info, then delete this section.

    email: mailto:xxxxxx@comcast.net
    hone:  908-xxx-xxxx

    • Ride Route:

    Replace the link below with the URL for your ride from Ride With GPS or another ride planning platform.  If you don't have a route to share then delete this section.

    Delete or replace the above text in red as appropriate before saving.

    Click 'Save'

    Then select 'Email Registrants' and send email to members

Email us:

Western Jersey Wheelmen
P.O. Box 168
Three Bridges, NJ  08887

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